Friday, 1 February 2013

  • Finding the best route through the grocery store given a list of items
  • Opening and closing parentheses/braces before filling in the content.
  • Using underscore to_separate_words and *asterisks* for emphasis
  • Counting from zero is weird in the real world.
  • Eating lunch at 3pm and going to bed at 3am.
  • Finishing sentences with semicolons.
  • instead of using 'if' and 'otherwise' i started using 'if' else'.
  • Think of an app idea for every life problems
  • Too lazy to clean up my room because They believe in 
    garbage collector
  • typing git instead of get
  • Thinking that every problem in life can be solved algorithmically.
  • Thinking that if I start a line I write with "//" nobody will read it.
  • Real world '=' is different from a programmer's '='
  • Try to solve an emotional problem logically by breaking it into small events.
  • Using backslashes to escape quotation marks within a quote.
  • I have this nasty habit to ask people to "ping" me once they have an answer/update.
  • Drinking Redbull before writing the next piece of earth shattering code.
  • Doing exponential backoff on a bus when a collision happens.
  • Using "sudo" if your request is rejected.
  • Thinking and focus in engineering instead of solutions and solve the problem.
  • Forgetting to go outside and spending all day answering two year old forum questions.
  • trying to complete a word by using TAB or Ctrl_Space

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