Monday, 15 April 2013

Why is Python better than PHP?

Ah.... There are so many reason to Say, Python is better...

Let's Start ....
  • Python has a philosophy that helps to write better for understanding code.
  • Better namespaces and importing.
  • Better OOP.
  • Better support of functional programming style.
  • Interactive interpreter mode, and few different improved interactive mode implementations.
  • Python has a real module system.
  • More predictable and strict.
  • Python has more compact and clean syntax that helps developers,
  • Python is stricter about dumb error conditions. Ex: Undefined variables.
  • Python has fewer easily abusable ways to write shitty code like extract().
  • Python has a nice, unified and powerful standard library.
  • Python has passable Unicode support.
  • Python has functional-like features that are distinctive among mostly-imperative scripting languages, like list comprehensions. While PHP Don't have.
  • Python's enviromnet is more general purpose than PHP's.
  • It does not have Weird things like magic global variable like $_GET ,$_POST.
  • Python distinguishes indexed arrays from associative arrays.
  • Python does not exhibit strange behavioral oddities as PHP.Like in PHP, you cannot use the array-index operator on a function call expression.
  • Python better working with exception. And trying to improve working with exceptions in future versions.
  • There is no errors like in PHP. Just Exception subclasses.
  • Python can pre-load everything, use many smart server-side strategies and the time spent for one web request using one web framework can be reduced to be the same running on another framework of different complexity.

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